Paris top – Simplicity 0275

I was looking for a pattern for a top that I could wear with my peplum skirt and came across this one, it’s the Simplicity 0275 and is part of a pattern pack that includes a draped front dress and skirt. I bought this pattern last year when I was in America and haven’t used it yet, the plan was to make a dress for wedding I was going to but I never got round to making it!

I thought this top would look nice with the peplum skirt because it’s a simple shape and I could wear it tucked it like the picture on the front of the pattern envelope. So I got going and I had to adjust the pattern as I am a size 8 at the bust but a size 14 that the waist. It was a really easy to sew to so as there were only two pattern pieces (well there were three really but I decided to use ready made binding instead of making my own). Instead of following instructions to the letter I sewed with French seams and also bound the armholes instead of creating a narrow hem. I think I’m getting really fussy with my sewing these days, I can’t stand the exposed zig-zag edges that you get inside of a garment they make me go crazy! I think I need to invest in an overlocker and that won’t happen until I move house and have more space! Until then I will have to make do with sewing French seams as I think it looks a lot tidier on the inside.

I just tried this top on with the peplum skirt and I’m not even sure if I like this top/skirt combo, I think I may need something more fitted with that particular skirt. Either way I love this top, I fell in love with the fabric as soon as I saw it and I know I will wear it loads (even if not with the peplum skirt)! Furthermore, at £7 a metre and enough fabric left over to make another top I’d say that this was an absolute bargain ☺️



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