Stretching my patience with jerseys!

Aaah sewing with jerseys, what can I say! I started last weekend and to be honest it was a total disaster. Having done my research I was set to go with New Look 6140, my twin stretch needle and walking foot, all enthusiastic and a little apprehensive to be honest, but just eager to get on and give it a go. Well, my troubles started with pinning and cutting the fabric, it wouldn’t stay still! But that was nothing compared to actually sewing the stuff. I started with a scrap of fabric, just to see how it sewed together and luckily I did because it didn’t go well at all. I kept getting skipped stitches with the twin needle, strangely only on the left side, which couldn’t be sorted with any amount of tension or stitch length adjustment (which I tried and tried again!). After a lot of back and forth with more scraps of fabric and machine adjustments I threw in the towel eagerly awaited the Breton Tee sewing class at the Thrifty Stitcher studio which I had booked a couple of weeks back.

Skipped stitches!

So that brings me to today, home from the class this afternoon and very happy with my lovely stretchy Breton tee (and it smells fab too!). Admittedly I found sewing with jersey today again a little stressful. Not because of skipped stitches but because the fabric just moves so much as it goes through the machine. I realised that I actually like the precision of sewing and when it goes awry it not a happy lady! However, one saving grace about it all is that jerseys are quite forgiving of uneven stitching and once it’s all sewn up you can’t really tell anyway. I also found that that sewing with jerseys is brilliant because you don’t need to iron your fabric all of the time and it doesn’t fray! So I think I will be able to run up a couple more of these Breton tees in no time (fingers crossed). I also got some great advice about needle choice from the lovely Melissa, our teacher today. After explaining last weeks jersey sewing woes she suggested an ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it approach’ to choosing the best needle, basically go with whatever works even if that’s not necessarily the needle made for the job. When I got home I tried about 6 or 7 different needles with my jersey fabric (stretch, universal, 75, 80, 90…) and finally one worked! No idea what needle it is, I’m too scared to take it out until I finish my top! Who cares that it’s not the needle that I bought specifically for this job, if it works it works! Now off to finish that New Look 6130 and master the art of sewing with jersey fabric. Any tips for sewing with jersey?

Breton Tee

Breton Tee




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