Breton Tee – Take 2…

Today I decided that I would have a go at recreating the Breton tee that I made at The Thrifty Stitcher sewing class on Sunday. I love the casual style with the dolman sleeves and I really wanted to make another version in the XS size as my first one was a tiny bit big. I also recently bought a couple of jersey fabrics and though that my orange print would be quite nice for a casual tee like this one.


This was my 4th attempt at sewing with a stretch fabric (1st and 3rd attempts failed) and I have realised that with each fabric I need an an initial trial and error phase with different needles, stitch lengths and tension on scrap fabric to work out the optimum needle/stitch combination needed. At first I was a bit worried because I couldn’t seem to get perfect stitches but with a little perseverance and a few adjustments I finally got it right. I think it will always help to have a decent amount of spare scrap for this trial and error phase when it come to jerseys.

The construction of this top is really easy so for an introduction to sewing jerseys the pattern is great. I zigzag-ed all of the seams and top stitched around the neckline to keep the neckline laying neat and flat. There are a couple of puckers around the neckline where I didn’t get the stitching 100% perfect but I still think it looks okay. I switched to a twin needle to sew the hems and for some reason they are not a stretchy as I think they should be, when I pull the hems it feels like the thread might pop! Maybe I need to practice more, which, which I will do, but for now I think I’m happy with the end result. I certainly enjoyed making this today and I have some more jersey fabric in my stash which would be prefect for another one of these tees, watch this space!



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