McCall’s 3341 #2

I’ve been wanting to make a casual denim skirt for a while now and I decided to go with my McCalls 3341 pattern. I really like the shape of this A-line skirt and it’s super easy and quick to sew up. I also wanted to add some pockets in a contrast fabric so I redrafted the front pattern piece according to this tutorial from sewing bee’s Lauren (season 1).

I had a couple of options for the contrast pocket and was torn between these 2 wax prints and some faux leather fabric. I love the brightness of both prints but I thought that I would be able to wear the skirt with more things if I went with the faux leather. Maybe the answer is to make 3 skirts! Perhaps. But for now at least, it’s leatherette (I played it safe!)



I searched my stash for some scrap fabric to use for the pocket lining and found some leftover camper van fabric which I absolutely love. Although I knew no-one would be able to see it on the finished skirt I really liked that the pockets would have this little hidden detail.


I followed Lauren’s pocket-sewing instruction to the letter and was really happy with the result. I made my first pocket! So of course I had to put something in it…20140407-172036.jpg

I used my beloved walking foot for this make because the denim has a little stretch to it and I wanted to be especially careful when staystitching the pocket as that area was really stretchy and I didn’t want to end up with baggy pockets. I bought my walking foot especially for sewing jerseys but have come to realise that it’s really useful for all sorts of sewing projects using fabrics that stretch. I’d certainly recommend one for every sewing box…


As expected the skirt sewed up really quickly. When I say quickly I mean quickly for me, it took about 4 hours in total. On the sewing bee the contestants get about an hour to make something like this! Well it was 4 hours of enjoyment anyway. Any suggestions for other patterns that can be whipped up in a few hours?

Here’s the finished article…



4 thoughts on “McCall’s 3341 #2

  1. Love the denim and leather. The pockets are so well sewn. Great job.

    PS. I have selected your blog for the Liebster Award. It is given to new bloggers that have less than 500 followers. The rules are simple if you choose to accept this nomination. Thank the person that nominated you, answer the questions that have been set forth for you, nominate 5 other bloggers that you believe deserve this award and give them a set of questions as well. You can use the questions that you were sent or you can create your own list. You can find your questions on my blog along with the award itself.

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