Gotta love a sewing challenge…

I feel as though I have been sewing a lot recently having made about 3 or 4 garments in as many weeks. Despite this I like the idea of a challenge and have signed up for a few!

My first pledge was to take part in Me-Made-May 14, a brilliant sewing challenge, the brainchild of ‘So, Zo… what do you know ’ blogger Zoe. I initially came across this last year after reading Sinbad and Sailor’s weekly blog posts about it and knew from then that I wanted to get involved. Unfortunately I was quite ill at the time and hardly doing any sewing so I didn’t have much to wear and I was also pretty much living in pyjamas because I was at home most of the time! This time around I must say I’m quite looking forward to #MMM14 and seeing how other participants choose to ‘pledge their allegiance’ to MMM. I’ve gone in and set myself up for wearing 1 handmade item each day which is going to prove a little difficult as I don’t have that many handmade clothes, so there will probably be quite a few repeats but hey, it’s not against the rules so I’ll just go with the flow. Not sure I’m going to blog about it though. A daily post seems a bit much to me so maybe a weekly round-up of my wears, I’ll give it some thought, let me know though if you have any ideas…


I have also joined the Monthly Stitch Collective, who set monthly sewing challenges of all sorts from sewing a vintage pattern to sewing capes. This month’s challenge is sewing double – sewing a second version of a pattern that you have used before. I have the perfect pattern in mind, my beloved McCalls 3341. I wore my pocketed version on Tuesday and loved it – I have a thing for skirts with pockets you know! I was thinking of making a summer maxi version although I’m not sure how a long version of this will look – I fear that it may not be a ‘swishy’ as I would like. Failing that another short one would be a welcome addition to my wardrobe, and it would also allow to me kill two birds with one stone, (metaphorically speaking!) as the current Sewcialist challenge is #PinkApril, you guessed it right – sew anything pink this month :o) I have some bright pink cotton drill which would be nice for this skirt (and has been in my stash for ages) or I could get creative and somehow combine the pink with my left over black cotton drill, and with pockets of course!


As if that isn’t enough, I have also pledged to give vintage sewing a go with A Stitching Odyssey’s #VintagePledge . I actually bought my first vintage pattern this week, a Maudella 5987 skirt which I love the look of, I just need to find that right fabric (a good excuse for more fabric shopping). Are you taking part in any sewing challenges? If you are, let me know how you get on ♥



My first vintage sewing pattern!



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