#NYLon14 Sewing Meetup

What a fab day, as I began to write this post I was in bed with a cuppa and aching feet – not complaining though! It was brilliant to meet lots of other sewers and put a human face to many blog names.

The V&A museum is an amazing building and I was a little sad not to have arrived a bit earlier to have a peek around though, especially at the wedding dresses exhibition, I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never stepped foot in there before (typical Londoner). I WILL go back though, my brief walk through to get to the main entrance point has drawn me in and I can’t wait to go back.


After an hour or so of mingling and getting our big group picture taken I quite looked forward to our trip to Goldhawk road for fabric shopping. I’ve heard a lot about this place so was quite looking forward to going but a few shops in and I must admit I wasn’t blown away. It’s good but no better (or worse) than Walthamstow I think. But that’s just my opinion! I did end up with 2 new fabrics to add to my stash though – some pink thick cotton jersey for my next coco (thanks to Lindsey for the colour advice) and some vintage-looking polycotton for my Elisalex toile (and thanks to Lisa for helping me choose). The jersey is in the wash as we speak (or more correctly, as I blog)!


A few drinks and some food in the pub ’round the corner finished the day off nicely and now I’m relaxing at home thinking about all of the great people I met yesterday and really looking forward to next years meet up. Big thanks to Rachel for organising, it’s a great idea and I’m sure was enjoyed by each and everyone that came.

Oh yeah, here are my me-mades that I wore – Sinbad and Sailor dove tee and matching Brigitte scarf…


And here’s a few pics of just some of the fabric on offer at Goldhawk road…





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