Sewing to run (or jog, or walk)…

I’m trying to get fit so I decided to sign myself up for 2 Race for Life’s this summer (the 5k ones) and I need to be able to get my butt around those routes! The first one is on May 31 and the second is on July 6, so there’s not much time to take myself from zero exercise to 5k warrior. However, I’m not silly enough to think that I’m going to be able to run either race all the way in the small time frame that I have. What I want to do is just be better than I am now so I started by going for a few jog/walks but now I’ve buggered up my ankle! Dr said no weight-bearing exercise for 2 weeks. Boo.


I’ve been cheered up no end though by coming across not one, but two (!) sew along/contests/challenges (whatever you want to call them) hosted by Melissa of Fehr Trade (Spring Race Challenge) and Karen of Did you make that? (Sporty Summer Sewathon). In short, to enter either one you just need to sew something sporty and let them know about it by July 6th to be able to win some prizes – sounds good to me!

So since I’m not meant to be doing the weight-bearing thing I might as well sew something up for when I can, I’m pretty sure sitting at the table won’t put any pressure on my ankle so I’m good to go! I have a couple of things in mind…

(1) Sinbad and Sailor Dove tee (another)!

(2) Sinbad and Sailor Raven shorts

(3) Seamster pattern Yellow Tail camisole

(4) By Hand London Polly top

None of these are marketed as exercise-wear but I think they could work for walking/jogging a 5k, and at my pace I could probably wear anything!

So, will you be taking part in either of these sporty challenges? If so, let me know what you’ll be making!


Spring Race Challenge


3 thoughts on “Sewing to run (or jog, or walk)…

  1. Hope your ankle recovers quickly!! I’m really drawn to these sportswear sewing projects but I’m not sure what to sew. I’ve never made anything really sporty, but I might try for a T-shirt and shorts. Looking forward to seeing yours!

  2. I hope you have a fast recovery! Ankles are never much fun and I always seem to be twisting mine on something…. I’m thinking of taking part in the sporty summer sewathon. I bought several of Papercut Pattern’s new patterns and I have the Pnuema top already started. 🙂

  3. I twisted one ankle the first day my son started school and I twisted the other the first day my daughter started school, the next year. (Whatever was I thinking!). For the longest time after my ankles got better, I walked, jogged and then ran with them wrapped in Tensor bandages. I don’t know if this was what the doctor ordered, but it sure worked for me. I just did a 10 k and I have an 8 k and a 5 k in October. I know it hurts like heck now, and is discouraging, but you will feel better soon! In the meantime, get those exercise clothes ready!

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