I call it my ‘Chambrettto’ top…

Colette’s Sorbetto pattern is such a quick and easy top to make that I’m surprised I haven’t made loads of these really. I know that’s in part to me having difficulty in working with lighter weight fabrics – finishing the edges with a zigzag stitch always made the edges scrunch up in the stitch. Very annoying. That was until I discovered my overedge/overcast foot and problem solved! It has a little bar on it which holds the outside of the stitch while the inside stitch is made, and this is what stops the fabric from scrunching up, geddit? I hope so, because I can’t think of a better way to describe how it works!


Anyway, back to the sorbetto. The last time I made one was ages ago and to be honest I don’t even know where the top is. What I do remember is that the pattern was a little short so I lengthened the pattern pieces by about 2 inches. I wanted to add a zip to the back so instead of cutting the back piece on the fold I just cut around it entirely, leaving me with 2 back pieces (as I’m a bit narrow in the back I didn’t need to adjust the pattern). I used some lightweight chambray for this and it sewed up really easily as most cottons do. And really quickly as it really is a simple pattern.


The only change i would make next time is to draft some pattern pieces for a facing. This time I bound the neck and arm holes with bias binding but I think using a facing would be quicker really.

So what can I say?, I like it! A lot. So much so that I already have another sorbetto planned which I already have the fabric for. It’s a really dark navy/black lawn with red stars on it. The picture’s not great but here’s a sneak peek anyway…


So what’s on your sewing table today?



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