How can I control my life if I can’t control my fabric stash???

My fabric stash is out of control. How did this happen??? One minute, I learned to sew and needed a little fabric to practice with, next minute, this stuff is taking over my life! I think I’m addicted. How amazing is a trip to the fabric shop though? I do actually have credible plans for some of my stash but a fair amount of it was bought in anticipation of making something particular that I just never got ‘round to. So what do I have?






And some plain wovens in navy and black that really aren’t that interesting enough to photograph! They’re lovely but much better in real life than in pictures.

And now that the cooler months are approaching what are my plans?

A few more Cocos…

A few more Sorbettos…

2 Skirts – another BHL Flora skirt and a DIY couture pleated skirt…

And 2 dresses – another Elisalex and a Simplicity K1609…

And as of today, a Deer and Doe Plantain t-shirt.

So not much to do then! This is definitely a challenge for me, although I must remember that this list can be made throughout Autumn/Winter, it doesn’t all have to be done by end-September (which would be difficult as I would literally have to be sewing all day every day given my speed!)

There is one type of fabric that I need to buy though and I have been looking for a while with no luck – I really want either a black and white striped or blue and white striped, stable, cotton, ponte roma fabric with a tiny bit of stretch to it. The type suitable for a Coco as I have a top like this in mind…


If you can help me find this fabric I will be forever grateful!

Apart from that, since I have so much, I have promised myself to only buy more fabric now if I have a very specific project in mind that I’ll make straightaway. This was exactly what I had in my mind when went to Ray Stitch today, thinking about a fabric to make my next Sorbetto with. And I found it! It’s a really soft brushed cotton which I think is perfect for autumn. Have a peek…


Fingers crossed I can continue to keep to this promise! What’s happening with your fabric stash these days?



5 thoughts on “How can I control my life if I can’t control my fabric stash???

  1. I could have written this. It sounds just like me and I am even searching for the white and navy coco fabric! Surely a fabric stash is an essential part of a home 😉

  2. Don’t worry about fabric taking over… it’s a good thing. You’ll never be lacking for something to do! Sometimes I buy a fabric just because it’s pretty, with no idea what I’ll do with it. OK maybe a general idea, like dress or jacket, but not a specific pattern. I learned this behavior from my mom, so I don’t feel bad about it at all! When I’m in the mood to sew, I just look through the stash, and get inspired!

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